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Our average technician has 10+ years experience and we can handle a high volume of repair request. Our fast turn around times and low price, plus our experience makes us one of the most highly respected and referred computer store in Charlotte. We do board level repair on most laptops and flat panel monitors, which means we can repair parts of the equipment at our local facility that other companies have to send off. Items like your laptop not powering on or not charging the battery can be repaired in a cost effective and expeditious manner. We can also perform virus removal, windows reloads, general PC maintenance, data recovery, upgrades, on site, and much much more.

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Services Offered:

  • Computer repair
  • DC jack repair
  • Broken laptop screen
  • Wipe & reload
  • Adware/Spyware or virus removal
Finding a Dependable Charlotte Computer Repair Service

We’ve probably all experienced that blue error screen before or had a time when our computer just stopped working. Computers can be a great tool if they’re running properly but a major annoyance when they’re giving us problems. Computers need regular care if we expect them to function properly but even with the best care things can still happen. If you run a business or work from home you know that computer problems can bring everything to a grinding halt.

You may be fairly knowledgeable about taking care of some computer glitches yourself but despite your level of experience there may be a point at which you’ll have to ask for help from a professional Charlotte computer repair service. It seems that nearly anyone can claim to be an expert at computer repair, so it can be difficult to know who you can rely on. How is anyone supposed to know if a computer repair service is really reputable? If you expect to find the best Charlotte computer repair person to work on your computer you’re going to have to do a little work first.

In House or On Site Charlotte Computer Repair

Start by searching for a Charlotte computer repair company that offers on site repair. You’ll probably hesitate to send your computer out for repairs if you’re in a rush to get it working right away. If you choose an on site computer repair service you can often have your computer fixed very quickly. You'll surely find Slayton Computers to be your best option.

Keep in mind that there may be the occasion when a problem can’t be fixed with an onsite visit and computer may have to go to the shop for more extensive work. It’s possible that all your personal information and important data is on the hard drive. We have all heard how important it is to back up our files but often we don’t bother. We really never expect our computer to stop working. The truth is that sometimes they do quit and it can be unnerving to let a stranger have access to your computer. You want a Charlotte computer repair technician that will safe guard your data and your privacy. Ask the Charlotte computer repair technician what kind of turn around time the company has, if your computer does need to go to the shop for repairs. It could take some repair shops a couple of weeks to fix your computer. Your computer should only be in the shop for a few days, unless it is determined that it needs to be sent some place else to be fixed. Sometimes the Charlotte computer repair company will have to return your computer to the original manufacturer to be fixed. If your computer needs to go to the shop for repairs, ask if they will need to send it out. You might be able to get a time frame for how long you’ll be without your computer. If doing without your computer for more than a couple of days is going to be a problem, you might need to look elsewhere.

Dependable Technicians and Good Rates Make up a Charlotte Computer Repair Service

You’ll need to know if the Charlotte computer repair company has technicians that are certified to work on your specific computer. A good computer repair company will be qualified to work on a number of machines and be knowledgeable enough to handle complicated repair jobs. Most computer technicians will take certification programs offered by manufacturers. A certified Charlotte computer repair technician is no promise that your computer can be repaired but it does give you some indication that they’re probably qualified enough to track down the problem.

You should ask about rates. Occasionally you will find a Charlotte computer repair company charging by the job but most companies will charge by the hour. The company should also give you an estimate before they do any repairs. Make sure the technician will call you for an approval if your computer needs any work beyond their initial quote. Does the company charge for the service call or have a base diagnostic fee? You’ll find that a lot of Charlotte computer repair businesses will charge for a service call even if they can’t fix your computer.

Will you still be charged for the call if the Charlotte computer repair technician comes to your home or place of business but is unable to repair your computer? You might assume that you won’t be billed if your computer can’t be fixed but this may not be the case. You may still have to pay a fee for a service call.

Does the Charlotte Computer Repair Company Guarantee its Work?

Will the Charlotte computer repair person give you a guarantee on their work? A guarantee is imperative. You could be out a lot of money and possibly have no recourse without a guarantee if you get your computer back and it still doesn’t work. You can usually get at least a thirty day guarantee but other computer repair services may cover their work for six months. Manufacturers may guarantee their parts for a longer period.

If your computer is broken or simply balking at daily chores, you’re going to need to locate a dependable Charlotte computer repair technician. You have to take a little time to look around but ultimately finding a dependable repair person will pay off in a well functioning machine. Nearly all Charlotte computer repair technicians are experienced in their field. The long life of your computer can depend on locating someone you can trust.


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